Design & 3D modelling

Our studio includes such departments as concept design, 3D modelling, rendering and prototyping. Close collaboration of concept designers and constructors makes our projects not only visually attractive, but also innovative and technologically advanced.

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Concept Design

Concept design is an extremely important process, because apart from the aesthetic aspect it must consider many features of the product, such as ergonomics, innovativeness or safety.

The process of design

Before our products are made, a series of sketches and professional visualisations is created. All the work is done by our team of experienced designers. Their part in creating a product is not limited to the preparation of a general concept design, though. The team actively participate in further work on prototyping, evaluating the product on each stage of creation.

Design & modelowanie 3d

3d cad Design

The elements are designed with the assistance of our constructors, who use 3D software to perform the spatial modelling of the product on the basis of the predefined concept design and the designers’ guidelines.

Design & modelowanie 3d

3D technology

Thanks to the use of 3D design techniques, the prototyped elements are unique because of their precision, appropriate preparation for assembly and reproducibility. In the 3D design process it is important to consider the mandatory norms and the manufacturer’s guidelines.


We make both products and tools to manufacture them. We work on such software as Siemens NX and SolidWorks.

Design & modelowanie 3d