Exterior components

The key features of our body kits include top quality, durability, aesthetics and perfect fit into the bodywork.

Produkcja body kitów


All the elements are prototyped on the basis of 3D construction modelling processes, model and mould milling with the use of advanced CNC devices, which ensures perfect compliance with the design and reproducibility.

Produkcja body kitów
Produkcja body kitów


Our body kit elements are produced with the use of such technologies as:
low pressure polyurethane injection,
/ Light Composite, Flex Composite, modern, light and flexible composite materials,
/ Carbon Fibre ultra-light and durable carbon fibre materials.


Depending on production requirements, e.g. volume, weight or product durability, a relevant technology is chosen to manufacture the elements with the use of injection moulding machines, heat soak chambers or autoclave.

Produkcja body kitów

Short lead time

We prepare our product in a relatively short time, starting from concept design, prototyping and preparing tools, to finish with the serial production of elements.

Produkcja body kitów